Building customer relationships requires time, effort and sincerity.

For 24foodservice’s founder, it began with an understanding and passion for the world of food and hospitality, brought from global travelling and his parents native country at the Mediterranean sea.

By travelling around the world and especially in challenging environments and remote areas of the globe, he discovered the real needs of the people working in the food and hospitality industry and their daily life challenges.

He found that in challenging regions basic food ingredients were not widely available as it was in Europe and America against affordable prices. He believed everyone deserved better food products against affordable prices, so he set about delivering a complete accessible range of food products from Europe to the hospitality companies in Africa and the Middle-East.

For the next years after, he focused on every step of the operational export process. He carefully built his team with professionals in food and export to Africa to ensure its clients quality and satisfaction from the ground up.

As business was growing he opened offices and logistic hub in North Africa and South Africa to ensure shorter lead-times to the client markets.
Today the company developed itself as a diversified food group with activities in different niche markets and a strong partner to the food industry to develop their products in challenging areas of the world and act as their official distribution partner.

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