Our Company

24foodservice® is a wholesale food company exporting
to over 30 countries in Africa and the Middle-East.

Our company is an experienced leading player in food exports to the region.
With our extensive partner network in Africa and the Middle-East and our regional logistics hubs,
we guarantee our clients an excellent service level against competitive prices.

Food Supply to Remote Sites 

We are a leading partner in food supply to Remote Sites where we serve hospitality
and facility management companies in challenging regions.
Whether on an offshore platform, a mine site or an Oil & Gas camp in the desert,
we understand the hectic environment of our clients.
Our quality products and services make sure our clients can meet the culinary expectations
of their audience and make their time away from home as comfortable as possible.

Food Supply to Hotel & Travel Catering 

Airline Catering Companies and Hotel Management Companies in challenging regions
have also found their way to our company, our products and services.
We guarantee quality products and services against competitive prices to achieve an outstanding
on-board experience or to delight the hotel guests in a challenging environment.


24foodservice® acts as an official distribution partner for the food industry in Europe and Africa.
With our extensive network in the world of food & hospitality we make our partners‘ products and
concepts a major success.

Who do we serve in our wholesale market?

  • Importers
  • Supermarkets
  • Cash & Carry Chains

We are 24foodservice® please feel free to join us today.

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