Sustainable Food Movement.

We know that when we do what is right to serve our
customers, investors and society, we create a business
that is sustainable economically, environmentally and
socially. We help raise the bar for our suppliers
and other industry members to do the same.

When we examine our progress toward greater sustainability,
one of the most gratifying aspects has been our ability to participate
in a broad-scale sustainable food movement.
Developing our clients; helping clients developing will result in helping
the whole market-chain developing itself for a harmonized and healthy
business environment in our global challenging areas.

Respecting the earth; the earth gives us the resources to grow our food,
the food we sell, the food we consume, the food that gives us energy
to attend our goals.

Supporting Our Customers

  • Supporting customers going green
  • To use biodegradable non-food products
  • Supporting healthy food programs for their staff and customers

Partnering With Our Suppliers

  • Setting standards
  • Advancing animal welfare for the meat we sell
  • Avoiding pesticides program for our fresh produced procurement
  • Support of local procurement program in remote areas

Improving Our Operations

  • Energy savings for our offices and operations
  • Diversity program in our workforce
  • Community support in Europe, donating food to low incomes
  • Community support in African remote areas
  • Choosing the sustainable logistics partner (low emissions transport modes)

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